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    Welcome to Thinking Free
    Stress | Anxiety | Confidence Issues | Fears & Phobias | Anger Management | Assertiveness | Bereavement | Jealousy | Addictions

    Depression | Relationship Issues | Health Issues | Weight Loss | Smoking Cessation | Handling Rejection | Learn to Relax... and more
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    Overcome Obstacles in Life | Reduce Anxiety & Stress | Change Habits & Behaviours | Stop Smoking | Weight Loss
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    BWRT® (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy)
    Unique Therapy - Often Rapid Results - Private, content free, no need to share uncomfortable private information

    Ideal for working with Stress & Anxiety | Confidence Issues | Fears & Phobias | Alcoholism | Addictive Behaviour | Performance Anxiety

    Habits | Depression | Procrastination & Motivation | Binge Eating & Drinking | Weight Loss | Smoking Cessation ... and more
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    Freedom at Work
    Confidence Issues | Better Communication | Increase Motivation | Reduce Procrastination | Fear of Failure | Fear of Success

    Personality Clashes | Feelings of Inferiority | Authority Issues | Anger Management | Assertiveness ... and more
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    Virtual Gastric Band
    Designed for Healthy, Sustainable Weight Loss | Lose Weight Naturally | No Dieting Involved | Full Support Materials including CDs and Workbook

Welcome to Thinking Free!

Thinking Free is dedicated to helping people overcome obstacles in life, whatever that may be. Most of us will find some sort of sticking point in life. Have you ever wondered why you put things off? Why you have those unexplained anxieties or fears? Why you don't seem to be reaching your full potential in life? I offer coaching, therapy and training to help you get the most out of life. What would you change if you could?

Personal Issues

Helping you to make those changes in your personal life - changing habits, getting rid of fears and anxieties and more. Read More

Life Issues

From bereavement, divorce and separation to coping with illness, we offer help for those big issues that life sometimes throws at us. Read More

Work Issues

There are many work issues that can impact our daily lives. Procrastination, lack of motivation, fear of success or failure can all affect our well-being. Read More

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress are two of the biggest issues we deal with. Although a natural part of us, they can cause problems if they get out of hand. Read More

Children, Teens & Young Adults

The pressures on young people today are huge. We offer help with many issus that can affect children, teenagers and students. Read More

Coaching & Training

Thinking Free offers coaching and training courses in various areas, and can create bespoke courses for you or your business. Read More

Weight Loss

& Virtual Gastric Band

Stop Smoking

With BWRT or Hypnotherapy

Anxiety & Stress

Generalised Anxiety, Social Anxiety

Fears & Phobias

Flying, Heights, Claustrophobia

Addictive Behaviour

Gambling, Alcohol, Gaming